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CompanyView is a fully managed company secretarial service. This web site allows users to access statutory company information, send instructions to make changes, compile reports, and even file accounts electronically with Companies House.

Whether you are a director running a single company or a professional accountant managing a thousand companies, CompanyView is the easiest, safest and fastest way to manage all your company secretarial matters giving our clients instant access with up-to-date details on all companies registered with us.

Within the secure environment you can submit instructions with minimal effort and training directly to our experienced team of highly trained operators and leave all the document production, Companies House filings and maintenance of statutory records to us. All instructions are dealt with on a ‘same day’ basis, and we provide a full advice and support service to assist you at all times.

CompanyView is cost effective and easy to operate:

  • No complicated software to operate, maintain or update
  • No training required
  • No forms to fill in or signatures required
  • All documents filed electronically wherever possible
  • No need to maintain separate details for client web filing instructions
  • All instructions managed through the CompanyView web site
  • Pro-active compliance diaries – never forget a filing deadline again
  • Comprehensive reporting facility for accurate record keeping
  • Share re-structuring, dividend payments, officer appointments and more
  • Statutory registers completed and available on request
  • Board minutes completed for all events
  • Confirmation statements filed on time every time
  • Professional advice and assistance with all Company Law matters
  • Your records are always up to date
  • Includes free corporate identity fraud protection

Click here to view a working demonstration of the CompanyView System.

You can find more information about CompanyView including costs and full service schedules on the on the Company Registrations Online website.

If you have any further queries about CompanyView or the Managed Company Secretarial Service please contact us using the form on this page.

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